Inkscape How - To's

When I first started posting templates I got a lot of questions about how they were made and how one could edit them for there own use.  For me it was as easy as opening up Illustrator and importing the .pdf file of which ever template I wanted to use.  I do realize that not everyone has access to Illustrator.  So I was at a loss on how to help people.  Then came a few more people suggesting Inkscape.  A free PC and Mac alternative to Adobe Illustrator.  I've been in the industry for many years and played with many other free Adobe alternative programs.  Most pale in comparison.  They fall short in features or the UI is just awful.  So when I downloaded Inkscape and installed it I was pleasantly surprised.  I found it's UI laid out and orginized well.  It open's .pdfs and retains the contained vector art work(if that's the way it was saved).  One of the biggest prerequisites that I had for the program.  I will do my own series of how-to's that focus on using and editing my templates for use on vinyl cutters.  However if your just getting starting using a vector art program Inkscape has some of it's own how-to's.  Some in depth and some basic.  They can be found here : Inkscape tutorials weblog.

Some of the How-To's I'd like to acomplish:
  1) How to extract, size and modify a single element from a template
  2) ?  I need to work more with inkscape to see what it's capabilities are.

Work in Progress.